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Posted on: April 6, 2021 by GROUNDEAD

Let Cooper Davidson clothe the world in his drawings!

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Brand: Pond Clothing

By: Pelumi Ogunro


I think we all remember our classroom doodles.


For me, I liked drawing stars of different shapes and elephants and, for many, we had our own unique stylized way of passing the time by sketching in our math books. This brand ignites those distant memories in a garment-based medium.


Coming out of British Columbia Canada, Pond aims to release 1-of-1 clothing centered around doodles being the main graphic. Whether it is on a t-shirt, long sleeve or hoodie, or if the graphic is printed and heat set, painted or just drawn directly on the fabric, you can trust this brand will have a consistent theme of cartoony iconography taking precedence.


While many of the characters are custom characters, they also expand their graphics to portraying well known figures, ranging from a simple smiley to a nuanced drawing of characters from the show Spongebob Squarepants. Influences from The Simpsons are also very apparent. Throughout all the graphics, Pond introduces its own flair, whether it's from adding extra appendages, saturating colors or just adding curves where curves are not naturally present, every single one of the pieces this brand releases are gold.


Their clothing, even with their unique nature, starts out as low as $30 USD, which is a steal for 1-of-1 clothing. However, if you cannot buy anything, their site not only has a free section filled with animations and gifs, as well as an archive page to look at their old work. Their YouTube account is also linked, which shows both their BTS work and skate videos, among other things.


To support this designer visit https://www.pondclothing.com/, or follow them on Instagram @pondxworld.




Published: April 6th, 2021 | Pelumi Ogunro


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