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Posted on: April 5, 2021 by GROUNDEAD

Join this multidisciplinary artist on his electric design journey.

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Brand: Dulse1000

By: Pelumi Ogunro


Designer, rapper, producer, model....


These are titles you give to 4 different type of people. You'd never imagine one individual carries each of these titles. However, Lodeonn of Dulse1000 is all of these things and more, not only doing these actions but excelling in them, especially garment design.


Dulse1000 serves equal parts as a 1/1 based brand, creative moodboard and active portfolio. Their use of geometric shapes and neons contrasted on black make for an extraterrestrial, almost dystopian vibe. Coupled with the silhouettes the garments take, as well as the finishings put on (3M strips, chains, zippers, etc...), the clothing serves as a look into the otherworldly; but more specifically, Lodeonn's other world.


One standout item is their "VANISHING P0INT" jacket. Featuring a deep neck cut, as well as asymmetric paneling and yolks, a curved sleeve cut and a diagonally cut left chest pocket, all done in a clean, striking double contrast stitch pattern, this item is a masterclass in technical skill and personal flair. Everything is intentional, even the waistband has a diagonal cut near the side seams. There is also the "TRACER" backpack, a textured turtleshell-shaped bag, equipped with a two way zipper and bag straps connected with metal buckles as well as the "RAVEN" hoodie, a double layered, fur laden garment cut to produce a Rorschach-esque imagery through the panels (which was also pictured on recording artist, Thouxanbanfauni). With each garment produced, a piece of Lodeonn's soul sheds in between the fibers and the thread and embeds itself in the deeply personal silhouettes and fabric cuts he makes. Every nick, every pull, every touch deepens the story his soul tells in these highly specific fabric pieces.


Currently, the only items available are various cut out, vinyl applique t-shirts, as well as a shoulder bag and a layered top, which we have linked. However, you need to be following this designer. He drops consistently and with his items being strikingly portfolio for 1/1 items with such unique silhouettes, they don't stay in stock for very long. His portfolio grows constantly and with his aspirations in music and his countless accomplishments as a model, there is no question of if he will blow up, it's only a matter of time. Let's support him now while the rest of the industry catches up.


To buy their collection or support the designer, visit https://www.dulse1000.com/ or follow them on Instagram @dulse1000 or @223lodeonn. Additionally, if you're into cloud rap, follow his soundcloud.




Published: April 5th, 2021 | Pelumi Ogunro


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