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Posted on: March 10, 2021 by GROUNDEAD

Shop from the five item collection currently available by California-based brand, LUCKY 6.

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Brand: LUCKY 6

By: Pelumi Ogunro

After their recent 5-piece collection and a knockout collaboration with LIKELY HATED, streetwear brand LUCKY 6 has now come out with ANOTHER standout 5 piece collection.


The collection features black and white tees and hoodies adorned with kanji text and manga-style drawn characters. Utilizing huge prints to illustrate an almost Japanese promotion style poster, these garment promise to draw in the eyes of all who encounter these items.


The whole collection starts at $15 for the tees and $35 for the hoodies. For the whole collection to be made and produced domestically in their native LA and still be so affordable is not only a testament to the business mind of the owner, but also a gift to all of LUCKY 6's supporters, as each t-shirt costs no more than a couple cups of coffee.


To buy their collection or support the designer, visit or follow them on Instagram @lucky6clothing



Published: March 10th, 2021 | Pelumi Ogunro

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